Print-A-Scent is proud to announce a major breakthrough in magazine and printed scent advertising.  The very popular and highly effective open and smell fragrance, Snap-A-Scent once only reserved to only the highest advertising budgets is now available in small or test-marketing quantities.

We have the capabilities to take your fragrance and print it into a Snap-A-Scent strip.  Ask about our small run quantities.

We can offer a real alternative to the major campaigns and allow you to target your fragrance in a limited market or small run before spending huge amounts of Ad dollars on tooling up the traditional promotion.

Have a printer already?  Let our technical experts work with your printer to provide the printable scent that couold save you thousdands on your next project.

Print-A-Scent has the capabilities to make any fragrance into a Snap-A-Scent or Scratch ‘N Sniff or any other printable slurry.

We are here to help!

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