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We offer the very best Scratch ‘N Sniff printed products for your advertising,  marketing, & other creative projects!

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COVID-19 Smell Test

Looking for solutions for COVID-19 smell testing?  Give us a call, let’s discuss your needs and come up with the right product for your school, business, or organization.  Call us (423) 698-1770.


Studies are showing smell tests can help, as fever checks are often a flawed way of flagging COVID-19 cases.  While the research is ever-changining , we want to help you if you are searching for a way to integrate smell testing into your coronavirus (COVID-19) routine screenings.

Promotional Products

Draw customers in with customized promotional pieces.  Let your creativity be your guide.  Send us the details of your promotional item and we will provide you with a quote

Marketing Materials

In today’s crowded marketplace, you need something to differentiate your marketing materials.  Using the scratch and sniff technology brings your printed materials to life to reach your customers.

Scratch and Sniff
Labels & Stickers

Need stickers and labels with an added fragrance?  Take a look at our library of stock fragrances.

Need a custom fragrance? We are happy to work directly with your fragrance supplier in order to discuss the technical details of how it needs to be supplied to us.

We want to make it easy for you to get your products just as you desire!

Educational & Training Materials

Use Scratch ‘n Sniff brochures, stickers and other print pieces to help inform and equip your customers of important safety tips.  Use scented printed materials to train and calibrate your employees toward company and industry requirements. 

Microencapsulation Technology

Our specialty is microencapsulation.  We make the coating in-houseWe can work with custom fragrance oilsWe provide cutting edge technology and have a hands-on approach to provide you with the highest-quality end-product to achieve your desired results. 

We are available to discuss with you and your team about any of your specific customized scents.  Please contact us if needing a custom scent.

Full Service Printer and Microencapsulation

Using fragrance in your advertising makes your pieces more noticeable.  Scented products improve your product recognition and stretch your advertising budget.

We are full service partner for your scented printing needs.

As one of the world’s top scent printers, Print-A-Scent is unmatched for excellent customer service.

We can micro encapsulate any fragrance or smell into a printable piece.

We Ship to Customers All Over the World.

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